How to Get Rid of Vaginismus at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Vaginismus at Home Naturally

Get Rid Of VaginismusVaginismus is a sudden and involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles before the act of penetration.

This causes the experience of sexual intercourse to be very painful.  One may also develop this after traumatic childbirth or during menopause.

It is both a physical and psychological condition and needs to be handled with extreme care.  The fear of pain during copulation may be eradicated with several do-it-yourself exercises.

Vaginismus is most often a problem among the newlyweds.  In this case, get yourself accustomed to your body.

Educate yourself about your internal sex organs and the role each has to play.  Explore every body contours with the help of your hands.

Be comfortable in your skin.  Lie down in a comfortable position and use your fingers to investigate your vaginal area.

Kegel exercise is one method that can be employed to get yourself familiarized with the insides of your vagina.

In a lying down position, bend at your thighs and knees, keep your feet apart and touch your outer vaginal orifice.

Slowly insert a finger in and contract your vaginal muscles.  Feel the muscles tighten over your finger.  Hold it there for some time and release.

Repeat this couple of times.  Avoid holding your breath or tightening your abdominal muscles.  Also, do not pull your legs together while performing this.

This exercise form will not only strengthen your vaginal muscles, but it will also give you more control over them during sexual intercourse.

It may help you to surpass your involuntary muscular contractions due to the fear of pain that you have envisaged during penetration.

Get used to objects being inserted into your vagina with the help of vaginal dilators.  Let your vagina become accustomed to objects that are bigger than your finger.

Vaginal dilators in various shapes and sizes are available in the market; purchase a few in various sizes.

Insert the smallest one, gradually working up to being able to insert the largest dilator successfully.  Take your own time to let this work for you.

Allow your partner to explore your body without touching your intimate parts initially.  This can be done while you are either dressed or naked.

Do this a couple of times and not necessarily at one go, maybe over a couple of weeks.  Once you are comfortable at this level, chose to go a litter further until you are entirely at ease in his presence.  At this stage, copulation may be attempted using lubricants.

Use of over-the-counter numbing creams before intercourse is also an option as when applied, these have an anesthetic effect, keeping you devoid of the sensation of pain.

You may use natural muscle relaxants that can be applied internally before your ‘act’ to make your vaginal muscles less rigid.

Valerian root tincture is a herbal muscle relaxer that is available at most health stores.  This is prepared from pieces of fresh valerian roots soaked in a mixture of water and alcohol and stored away in a cool, dry, and dark place for about six months, and is safe to use.