how to improve hearing without hearing aids

how to improve my hearing naturally – improve hearing in elderly

improve hearingYour need to increase the volume of the TV is on the increase these days.

You don’t feel very confident of yourself while conversing with your friends and family – you are hesitant to speak because you think you may not have heard entirely what others are saying.

Happy News: You Can Improve Hearing Naturally

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Though in your fifties, you feel old age has caught up with you.  This is a sad situation and can lead to deterioration in the quality of life in later years.

Initially, it may go unnoticed, and it may not be until there is a substantial loss of hearing that one finally visits the doctor to find out what is possible by way of a cure.

how to improve hearing loss naturally

And truth be told, apart from hearing-aids, there are hardly any natural processes you can follow then to restore your hearing ability.

Therefore,  it makes good sense to take care of this vital ability of the ear, while it is still in good order, and in fact, sharpen your hearing while you can, so that you continue to communicate well and feel good in the later years of your life.

Many factors could be responsible for impaired hearing.

#1.Diet  to improve hearing power

Your diet and lifestyle have a significant say in the ability of your ears to function normally into your sunset years.  For instance, high blood sugar levels, as in diabetics, is a predisposing factor.

#2. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is another.  Hence, taking care of your blood sugar levels and abstaining from smoking will help prevent hearing loss as you age.

Listening day in and day out to loud music or other loud sounds as in a shop floor or factory can prove detrimental to your ears and are to be avoided at all costs.

#3.Some medications

Some medications, such as diuretics, aspirin, and antibiotics, can also interfere with the hearing function and should be avoided to the extent possible.

Degeneration of the inner ear with age is perhaps the most critical factor in the loss of hearing ability. Blood flow to this part of the ear gets reduced in our later years, apart from free-radical damage, which increases with age.

#4.Vitamins E and C to improve  hearing power In Elderly

Increased intake of Vitamins E and C and the hormone melatonin have been found to reverse age-related hearing loss to a great extent.

#5.acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha-lipoic-acid

Other substances that have a similar or better effect are acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha-lipoic-acid.  The former is found in adequate quantities in vegetables, grains, lamb, and beef, while the latter occurs in kidney, liver, heart, spinach, broccoli, and yeast extract.

#6.The antioxidant Coenzyme Q10  to improve the hearing level

Supplementation with these substances will significantly help the hearing function even in the aged. The antioxidant coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is another substance that improves hearing by destroying free radicals that interfere with cell growth.

#7. intake of folates  to improve hearing problem

An increase in the intake of folates can improve the hearing process by reducing plasma homocysteine levels.  Fish oils also have a similar effect.

#8.exercise to improve your hearing ability

A moderate amount of exercise done daily helps slow down the aging process itself, thus delaying hearing loss.

Similarly, cutting down on carbohydrates and increasing the number of nutrients in the diet will help keep your hearing ability intact well into your seventies or eighties.

#9.Train your ears to improve your hearing naturally.

You can also train your ears to filter out unwanted sounds and pick out only the sounds you want to hear.  Exercises are available to help you in this process.

Start playing some music on a radio at a moderate intensity – then start talking to someone in the same room.

After a while, add a second radio playing a piece of different music – then another one playing something else.

All the while, you carry on your conversation with your friend, oblivious of the sounds emanating from any of the radios.  This simple exercise can sharpen your hearing skills considerably.

#10.Sound Therapy

Another natural method of improving your hearing is Sound Therapy.  With advanced age, the tone and flexibility of the muscles in the middle ear can deteriorate, and over time, some frequencies do not make any impact on them, so such sounds are lost to the inner ear.

Sound therapy alternates between high and low frequencies, causing the middle ear muscles to relax and contract, thus restoring muscle tone and improving hearing ability.

You thus need not despair about loss of hearing as you age:  The best advice you can get is to take care of your hearing ability while you have it.

Over and above that, in the event of the gradual loss of hearing, do get in touch with a professional natural therapist who will guide you regarding the steps you need to take to restore it to the best extent possible.

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