Kegel’s Exercises For Elderly Women – Vagina Tightening In 4 Simple Steps

Pubococcygeus Exercises (Kegel’s Exercises) for Women

How To Tighten Vagina With ExerciseInternal organs that constitute the cavity of the pelvis in women are the vagina, womb, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

The floor of the pelvic cavity that holds up these pelvic organs is composed of pubococcygeus muscles.  This is found both in men and women.

Strong PC muscles aid women during childbirth, will prevent urinary incontinence and will help intensify sexual excitement in them.

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A laxity in pubococcygeus muscles may arise due to several triggering factors such as low estrogen levels, which normally women experience during menopause, obesity, & chronic constipation.

These factors will weaken sphincter (aids in the closure of bodily openings) muscles and the normal aging process.

Repeated pregnancies and childbirth also contribute to this development.

How to Do Kegel’s or Pubococcygeus exercise

Pubococcygeus exercise routines will place pressure around your pelvic area, which may lead to embarrassing accidents, which is something one definitely would not want to experience.  Okay…, once both are emptied, lie down comfortably.

Kegels’s Exercise Step 1

Place your legs slightly apart, bend at knees, and insert a finger inside your vagina.  Pull and move your vaginal muscles toward your finger, feeling a lift as you squeeze.

Kegels’s Exercise Step 2

Relax and sense muscles lowering down back to its original state.  Repeat this couple of times.  Now focus on compressing muscles without inserting a finger.

Kegels’s Exercise Step 3

Concentrate and feel the muscles move within.  While contracting muscles, take care not to involve your abdominal or anal muscles, limiting its effectiveness.

Kegels’s Exercise Step 4

Hold each contraction for 3-5 seconds and relax for the same time frame between each squeeze.

Once you have learned the trick of performing this in a lying down position, you can graduate to carrying them out while sitting down at your workplace, waiting in a queue, or doing your daily chores at home.

Moreover, in such positions, you will be performing against gravity, which may make the process a little difficult initially, something that you may not have experienced in lying down position.

When you are trying to fit this exercise during your working hours or moving around, begin in short sessions.

Contract your pelvic muscles every time you inhale and relax as you exhale.  Do this for around ten times and slowly build it up to a level where you can hold for 10 seconds and relax for the same length.

If the desired level of tightening is not achieved, it may only be because the right muscles are not targeted.

Many devices are available in the market. To aid you in carrying out these exercises the right way that will help women perform them correctly.  Accuracy is important to improve strength in pubococcygeus muscles.

However, never employ this technique to hold back urine as this practice will slacken your pelvic muscles.

And do not overdo it; like any other muscle, pelvic muscles can become fatigued through excessive strain.